12 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Finally, spring is just around the corner and if you’re considering making a move, it’s time to start thinking about adding a little curb appeal to your home.  

Think back to when you went on your first date. Did you take a shower and put on nice clothes? Of course you did! Maybe you even went shopping for a new shirt or pants or got your hair done. Your home should be treated the same way. Below are 12 easy and inexpensive ways to increase your curb appeal and get your home ready for that all important first impression.

  1. Seed your lawn in early March if you didn’t do so in the Fall. If you did seed your lawn in the Fall, than put some pre-emergent down. This will help keep the weeds away this Spring & Summer. We’ll get it sold before the latter 🙂 
  2. Plant some flowers in the landscape.
  3. Go for a symmetrical look. Put a couple of planters with pretty flowers on each side of your front door.
  4. I know this one is inside the house and doesn’t quite fall under “curb appeal” but makes sure you have good light in your entry. Maybe even change out the fixture to something unique and current.
  5. Replace any older “brass” exterior light fixtures, locks and handles. The big box stores have many, reasonable options to choose from that make a huge difference.
  6. Okay, here is an easy one – Make sure there are no burnt out exterior light bulbs.
  7. Give your front porch and door the “broom treatment”. Brush and wash off your front door to get rid of leaves, dirt and spider webs. If you really want to get ambitious, give it a new coat of paint! Maybe even a new fun color.
  8. Replace any worn out door handles and hinges.
  9. Replace any ripped window screens.
  10. Caulk and paint around any window trim that has gapped or appears to be weathered.
  11. Trim your bushes so they’re not to scraggly. I’m not talking about to artsy here, just so they look “kept”.
  12. Pull weeds… I know, I know… I hate to do it too.

Just about every home could use a little extra curb appeal, especially if you’re considering a move! As you can see, giving your home a little facelift isn’t too big of a task and can probably be done on weekend. Remember, doing just a little can go a long way in creating a great first impression to families searching for a new home.

If you need any help with ideas for paint colors for your front door or suggestions picking light fixtures don’t hesitate to give me a call (I’m not going to help pull weeds though)!