Winter in Evansville can be hard on a home so its important to perform a little maintenance before the cold, wet and icy conditions set in. Below are a few simple tasks every homeowner can do that will help get your home through the winter with as little damage as possible. 

  1. Protect your home from fire and make sure to clean your dryer vent duct.
Clean Dryer Ducts

2. Prepare for the coming winter by checking your smoke detector and replace the batteries.

check smoke alarms

3. Make sure your fans are turned the right way to heat your home more efficiently.

turn ceiling fans direction

4. Change your air filters to keep your heating system in top form.

replace air filter

5. Clear any weed or plant growth around your HVAC system to keep it from choking.

remove weeds around hvac

6. Check your roof condition and make repairs or replace before winter.

Repair roof damage

7. Keep water and cold air from getting in. Check your home and caulk cracks and gaps in siding and trim. 

Caulk cracks and gaps